What to Expect

I rejoiced with those who said to me,
“Let us go to the house of the Lord.” — Psalm 122:1

Mount Carmel AME Youth at the Altar
Praying during YPD National Day of Prayer

What time does your Sunday Worship Service begin?
Church School begins at 8:30 a.m. and Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:00 a.m.

What are the worship services like?
Mt. Carmel’s services are a combination of the familiar elements of worship of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and modern Christian music. There is something for everyone.

What should I wear?
We want you to feel comfortable at our worship services. Dress attire ranges from “Sunday Best” to more casual attire. Just come as you are, but please dress respectfully. We’re sure you’ll fit in.

Where do my children go during worship service?
On the First and Second Sundays, children worship in the sanctuary with the adults.  On the Third Sunday, they will go to the fellowship hall where they will have their own service as well as activities and a meal.  The Fourth Sundays are designated as Youth Sunday, and the children lead the service, sing with the choir, etc.

Can I take Communion?
Mt. Carmel celebrates the Sacrament of the Holy Communion every First Sunday. It is an open table available to all professed Christians of other churches and denominations.

What is the process for becoming a member of Mt. Carmel A.M.E. Church?
All persons coming into the African Methodist Episcopal Church on profession of saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ during a worship service, prayer meeting, revival service, or on other occasions; or persons coming from other denominations, shall be received for nurturing and discipleship training for a period of three months without the denials of sacramental rites of the Kingdom of God and shall be placed under the special care of the pastor in charge or his or her designee.

Can I speak with the Pastor?
Yes. Please use the information on our contact page for more details on how to reach Mt. Carmel A.M.E. Church.

Mt. Carmel Pastor, Rev. Andrew R. Adams, II
Mt. Carmel Church School Small Ones
Mt. Carmel Communion Sunday with Rev. Jenkins
Mt. Carmel Holy Communion
Mt. Carmel Youth Commitment Day